Weights Classes Adapt to Remote Learning


This is a screenshot of what the Flip Grid format looks like. There is a video attached to follow, as well as a “record a response” button for students to record two minutes of their workout (photo by M. Putnam).

Mallory Putnam, Staff Writer

Active students like to take a weights class because it gives them free access to gym equipment that they would otherwise have to pay for with a gym membership. It also allows students to have a consistent workout routine, which is good for their health. However, while transitioning to online school, weights classes are looking significantly different.

“There’s obviously some changes that had to happen while going back to remote and it looks a lot different. It’s definitely easier this time around because we know what to expect,” Reagan Downes, 11, said.

In girls weights, they first login to the zoom call to get their workout, which has already been posted to Google Classroom. The workout usually consists of an exercise YouTube video they need to follow, but sometimes it is just a written out workout routine for the day.

“Complete the following arm workout. No equipment is needed. Record yourself for two minutes of the workout and post to Flip Grid,” Jamie Oshel, gym teacher, instructed on Google Classroom.

Flip Grid is a website where the students record and post their videos to prove they completed the workout to receive points for the day. Since the students are at home, all of the workouts do not actually require weights, which seems to defeat the purpose of the class. However, students are still finding ways to make the best of it.

“It’s hard not having weights in school, but it can be effective for the ones who put in the work to get better,” Downes said.

Adapting to remote learning is difficult for all classes, but benefitting from weights at home where most don’t have proper equipment makes it that much harder. However, the teachers have found ways for students to still be active and engaged.

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