I’m Gonna Miss You

Chezney and I on one of our many sibling adventures (photo by L Haney).

Chezney and I on one of our many sibling adventures (photo by L Haney).

Lily Haney, Staff Writer

Ever since I was little, I always had my brother, Chezney. From playing with Nerf guns together, to building with Legos, to family vacations, to cheering him on at soccer games, and now high school. It’s his senior year and I’m only a sophomore. I have always been able to walk down the hall and ask for help with school or have him give me a ride somewhere, but all that’s about to change in a few months. He’s going to be going to college and I’m going to be here. I really don’t know what it’s going to be like without having my big brother around.

I used to see him around elementary school when we were little. Now I see him around the high school. He’d always yell my name in the halls or come talk to my friends and me. This is the last year I’ll get to see him around the school. 

He isn’t planning to go super far away, but any distance is greater than down the hall. It’s going to be different not seeing him every day. It’ll probably be occasional weekends and holidays that my family and I get to see him. 

If you asked my friends and family what I thought of Chezney they would probably tell you that I think he’s annoying. While that may be true, there’s a lot more to it than that. Even though I wouldn’t say it to everyone, Chezney is a great brother. I’m going to miss him bringing me smoothies or food home, making breakfast, kayaking adventures, and really just everything. I’m sure he is ready to leave the nest, but I’m not sure I’m ready for him to go.

All I know is that his time to leave home has almost come. He’s going to graduate soon. Lots of things are going to change. He won’t be home, but he’ll only be a phone call away.