Memorial Marks Anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery’s Death


A mural by artist Marvin Weeks in honor of Ahmaud Arbery. Feb. 23 marks the one-year anniversary of the runner’s murder at the hands of two white men who pursued him as he was on a run (photo courtesy AP News).

Mallory Putnam, Staff Writer

It has been one year since the tragic killing of Ahmaud Arbery. He was a black man going on a jog through a neighborhood when white men pursued and killed him. This was caught on video, causing an uproar in social media, once again sparking the BLM movement. A big reason for the outrages is not only because the man was brutally killed, but also because the police officer who interviewed the men that chased Arbery down let them walk free. Pleas for justice also went largely unheard as the nation entered lockdown in the pandemic.

A year later, as the three men who killed the 25 year old black man await trial, those closest to Arbery want to make sure his death is not overlooked again. A memorial procession led by his family was organized for Tuesday evening through the subdivision where he was shot three times. The organizers asked supporters to participate virtually, running for 2.23 miles (the date he was killed) to remember the avid runner.

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