Minecraft: The Best Game Ever

Build, craft, mine, fight, survive, and make your dreams come true in the #1 most purchased game ever (photo credit O. Leblanc).

Build, craft, mine, fight, survive, and make your dreams come true in the #1 most purchased game ever (photo credit O. Leblanc).

Olivia Leblanc, Graphics Manager

Minecraft is a well-known game that was first released in 2011. In this game, a player can choose either ‘creative’ or ‘survival’ mode, giving them the opportunity to either create whatever they can think of or survive and collect materials to beat the Ender Dragon. 

Creative mode gives players access to unlimited resources including blocks, animals, monsters, food, and crafting supplies. This gives them free range to build anything they can think of. 

Survival is a game mode in which the player spawns at a random spot in a randomly generated world. The player must gather materials to survive in order to achieve the main goal of killing the Ender Dragon, a black dragon with purple accents that flies above towers, consuming energy to shoot purple fire. I have played this game since the beginning, and seen all the new updates like parrots, bees, honey, new types of villages, and hostile mobs, as well as the newest addition: the Nether Update. 

The nether is a dimension filled with fire, lava, and many dangerous monsters. They recently added mobs like the Piglin, which will attack players unless they’re wearing gold, which is the creatures’ favorite thing. Handing gold to these creatures will also cause them to trade with the player, dropping an item at random in return for taking the gold piece. I love this new feature because it allows players to travel more safely when wearing gold while also getting new blocks and items by trading. Before this update there weren’t a whole lot of things one could do with gold, besides crafting a few items. Now gold has been repurposed in a whole new useful way. 

However, this update won’t keep players interested for too long, so the creators of the game – Mojang – have a new update to be released this summer. The Caves and Cliffs update includes a new monster that roams the caves and tracks sound to find players. This will also introduce giant underwater caves, glow squids, mountain goats, new plants, and new flashy gems. 

I love this game so much and appreciate the constant updates made by the developers. No matter how big or small the Minecraft community is they also find a way to keep it updated and take ideas. I never find myself bored with this game because the possibilities are endless. Different modes of gameplay, combined with randomly generated structures, landscapes, and more ensure that I will never get tired of playing. I put at least 12 hours into this game every week and could add more time easily if my schedule let me. I really suggest trying Minecraft out, it’s so very worth it. I honestly use this game as an escape and to relax. This game gives me control to do whatever I want and I can build anything I can imagine. If you give it a chance I know you won’t be disappointed!