India Attempts to Send Students Back to School


Abigail Gholston, Staff Writer

With India having 46,000 new cases as of Saturday, they are still trying to reopen schools. As of Wednesday Sept. 1, 2021 most students are able to go back in person. In New Delhi they are taking many precautions, their staff must be fully vaccinated, desks need to be scattered and sanitized, and classrooms are only being filled 50%. While taking lots of precautions many parents are still worried, and some are even holding their kids back so they don’t have to return to in person school. However, some people are pushing to get the kids back in school, especially for the less fortunate kids because most of them have no access to internet.

While returning back to school, it still has its struggles. Everyone wants things to go back to “normal”, but we can’t just pretend COVID-19 isn’t around anymore. Several public schools are struggling with their own COVID-19 outbreak. Some schools returned to school fully in person, with optional masks. Most students are not wearing masks because they want things to go back to how they were. However, some people are going to school not covering their coughs or sneezes, or not feeling well.