Vietnam Man Gets 5 Years Prison for Spread of COVID-19


As Vietnam suffers from a severe COVID-19 outbreak, there has been more and more restrictions on their outbreak. Le Van Tri was caught spreading the virus to eight people, and now served five years of prison (Photo courtesy BBC News).

Zack Knust, Data Manager

A Vietnamese man, Le Van Tri, was found guilty of “transmitting dangerous infectious diseases” to eight people. In early July Tri, 28, traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to his home in the Ca Mau Province. Tri lied on a health form, which asked for the places he recently traveled. He also failed to isolate after traveling.

Vietnam has done a good job containing COVID-19, until the delta variant outbreak in June. Vietnam is a dictatorship, so there are more laws restricting people’s actions. The US has a less restrictive government which allows less laws to be passed about containing. The spread of the delta variant could possibly cause another severe outbreak of the virus.