Broadway Shows are Back!


As more and more events open back up, there have been several mask or vaccination requirements (Photo Courtesy AP News).

Grayson Roberts, Bronco EiC

Sept. 14 marked the day that Broadway unofficially returned after stopping all productions because of the pandemic. Famous musicals, such as “Wicked,” “The Lion King,” and “Hamilton,” will return. The crowds basically “blew the roof off” of the three theaters where the musicals were playing. At “Wicked” the audience stood and applauded as the lights dimmed and Glinda appeared on the stage. At the “Lion King” the audience erupted into thunderous applause as the first chords of “The Circle of Life” rang out, while every star in “Hamilton” had to let the applause die down before being able to perform again. Ticket holders to these events had to prove they were fully vaccinated and were required to wear masks.

While the Broadway shows have officially returned, there tends to be a sense of normality. There have been several people who are incredibly excited for the return of Broadway and traveling shows and musicals. Because the Broadway shows require masks or vaccinations, these shows will lead to little to no COVID-19 outbreaks.