Lava Rivers Raid Spanish Island


A swimming pool in Spain gets flooded with lava from the volcanic eruption (Photo Courtesy AP News).

Marissa Winkel, Staff Writer

On Tuesday Sept. 21, La Palma island was a victim of a volcanic eruption which submerged the island under piles of molten lava. Residents who live on the Canary Islands in Spain are under dangerous conditions. Several earthquakes took place prior to the eruptions. Rivers of lava and molten lava in the area are nearly 20 feet high. The river forms of lava have been burning and destroying many houses and buildings in the area.

Due to these conditions, even more things have created a dangerous environment for the citizens of the Canary islands. Numerous earthquakes and acid rainfall have overcome the islands. The volcanic ash and lava flows have created toxic gases in the air, which make it even more dangerous in La Pluma. The eruption so far has destroyed over 190 houses and forced the majority of the citizens to evacuate from the premises.