Mysterious Mummy Found in Bathtub


While trying to catch a burglar, a mummy was found (photo graphic by O. LeBlanc).

Olivia Leblanc, Yearbook Design Editor

In Bullhead, Arizona, police had found something a lot darker than the burglar they were informed about. When authorities were responding to a burglary in progress, they found the said burglar rummaging through clothes and other items in the house. However, what they found next was something shocking for both the police and the intruder. Found in the bathroom tub laid a mummified body, in which decomposition is delayed when the organism is exposed to dry conditions. That wasn’t all; the burglar had stated that she never knew the body was there to begin with. After further questioning, neighbors say the house has been assumed vacant due to not seeing the homeowner for around a year.

The authorities continue to attempt to identify the body but have only been met with dead ends. Adding to the problem is that they have no idea how long the person has been dead or how long it has sat in the bathtub of the home. The case over the unidentified body is truly a mystery and police are stumped and unsure where to even start.