The Library Uncovered


The library has many aspects to offer, many students may not realize (photo by M. Winkel).

Hannah King, Staff Writer

The high school library is a developed learning environment with lots of student resources. With activities like a 3-D printer, chess, green screen, button maker, and sticker machine, the library can be used for more than just checking out books.

The library is used as a classroom and meeting space for classes like psychology and debate. Using the space makes it easier for larger classes to spread out and do small group work.

“During 3rd hour, the library hosts Mr. Allen’s psychology class. They use the area as a classroom to give them a change in scenery,” Daley Browning, 12, said.

This allows the library to be used when there aren’t a lot of students able to use it, like during class. The space is a go-to place for students and teachers. 

“The space allows students to escape distractions and feel like they are in more of a private setting. They recently added plants which makes it more comfortable and inviting,” Jamie Oshel, gym teacher, said.

Not only is it conveniently located, but also packed with tools to help students with their projects. Students can access tools like a 3-D printer, vinyl cutter, building sets, sewing supplies, jewelry-making kits, various electronics, craft supplies, coloring sheets, and collaboration stations.

“I think the makers space gives students an amazing opportunity to be creative and learn new skills,” Oshel said.

The librarians are also very helpful and willing to help students with whatever they need.

“The ladies in there are always so nice. They know so much and always want to help,” Browning said.

The library is open to anyone and is a great resource for more than books. If students are ever looking for a calm environment to feel comfortable and be able to focus in, the library is a great place to go. If you are ever looking for a good book or need directions on how to use the extra features, Tracy Cochran and Rebecca Fawcett are the librarians and would be the best people to talk to.