Giving it a Shot


Madison Brown, 9, practices her free throws (photo by T. Elliott).

Lily Haney, Online EiC

The girls basketball team has many changes in store for this season. With losing 10 seniors from the class of 2022 and getting a new head coach, they have a lot of adjusting to do. 

“It’s a lot different [with the seniors gone] because I’d been playing with them since I was in first grade and they were some of my closest friends. We live, we move on, and we’ve got it,” Jenna Weber, 12, said.

The varsity team looks almost brand new.

“We got a lot of young kids coming in, we only have three seniors this year, so it’s a much different team,” Weber said.

Majority of the team is from the sophomore class. 

“They are all pretty athletic, so they can keep up. They’re fast learners, so it’ll be good,” Anna LaPlante, 11, said.

The new head coach, Paige Husa, is giving the team a new perspective. Being a division one player at UMKC, she brings many positives to the team and the new season.

“I love coach Husa. She has really good energy and she’s a fun coach to be around,” LaPlante said, “She gives good advice for basketball.”

The team has to adjust to a new coach’s way of leading, which brings many hurdles.

“The learning curve is coming along. It’s a lot different than what we were used to. There’s different plays, different dynamics, and different terminology and all that fun stuff,” Weber said. “It gives a different outlook on life with the new coach.”

Even with all the reconstruction the team is seeing now and in the future of the season, there is faith for another good season ahead.

“I think it’s [going to] be a great season,” LaPlante said. “I think we will work hard and meet our goals.”