Courtney Costain
Hello!! My name is Courtney Costain and I’m a Junior here at the high school. I joined staff this last year because I have a love for photography and writing. This year I am the editor and chief of the Litmag and I am beyond excited to see what the SPUB staff and I can put together! Outside of SPUB I am the junior class president in StuCo, the committee chair for community development in the FFA, and I play tennis and soccer. I work at The Bean in town and love all things coffee! Aside from all school activities and work I love going down to Kansas City and record hunt for new and old vinyl. Music is a big part of my life and so is my vinyl collection. I am an 80’s movie enthusiast and lover of checkered vans and flannels.

Courtney Costain, Imperial Ink Editor in Chief

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