Hey everyone! I'm Kelsey and I'm the editor in chief and creator of this marvelous website. I've always been an unimaginably busy person, but I've manage. In school, I'm involved in FCA, SPUB, LINKS, did PALS my sophomore year, and I play volleyball and softball. Speaking of softball, I feel the need to mention I'm Spring Hill High School State Champion! Outside of school my life doesn't slow down much. I play club volleyball, and I play softball all year. I hope to bring my love for softball into my future and be a collegiate athlete while studying biology. My family owns a farm in Pleasanton, which is one of my favorite places to be. I work at Corky's Kennel, a dog boarding place down the road from my house. My prized possession is my almost 6-year-old yellow lab, Maggie, who I gladly spoil rotten. I joined SPUB because I have always loved to write, but I ended up finding a love for creating such permanent things people will love forever, not to mention the wonderful people it has brought me closer to over the years.

KelseyKroutch, Online Newspaper Editor in Chief

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