Paige Swanda (Class of 2019)
Welcome to my biography! My name is Paige Fiala Swanda and I am 17 years old. My wish is to become a better writer, so therefore I write. On the side, I enjoy creating art, going to concerts and exploring. I love learning and experiencing new things. Music is a big part of my life. My friends and family also mean the world to me, but the most important creature in my life is my dog Buddy. We love to take naps and explore. I love flowers and halloween, so it would only make sense that my favorite seasons are spring and fall! During the summertime, I lifeguard and try to enjoy every second of the sunshine. Once the season is over, I work at a bar and grill, manage varsity wrestling and focus on school. I would say I am a pretty fun-loving, free spirit. Through my writing, I hope I can not only inform, but entertain. I hope you enjoy the work I compose!

Paige Swanda, Staff Writer

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