2017-2018 Staff

Burke Barnett (Class of 2021)
Madison Sutton (Class of 2021)
Izzy Williams (Class of 2021)
Lily Kuhn (Class of 2021)
Rachel Victor (Class of 2020)
Loren Reed (Class of 2019)
Crystal Herman (Class of 2020)
Gracey Cowden (Class of 2020)
Paige Swanda (Class of 2019)
Alexis Rivers (Class of 2019)
Kennedy Mounce (Class of 2019)
Brianna Gulley (Class of 2020)
Mary Foley (Class of 2018)
Madison Crabtree (Class of 2020)
Shaelee Philgreen (Class of 2019)
James Barnett (Class of 2019)
Ashlyn McIntosh (Class of 2019)
Claire Owen (Class of 2018)
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