2019-2020 Staff

Hannah Smith (Class of 2021)
Brianna Gulley (Class of 2020)
Ashdon Kice (Class of 2021)
Courtney Costain (Class of 2020)
Olivia  Leblanc (Class of 2023)
Sadie Kuhn (Class of 2023)
Mallory Putnam (Class of 2021)
Alivia Bates (Class of 2022)
Grayson Roberts (Class of 2022)
Taylor Dent (Class of 2021)
Logan Trask (Class of 2021)
Zack Knust (Class of 2022)
Madison Sutton (Class of 2021)
Gracey Cowden (Class of 2020)
Paige Denning (Class of 2020)
Lily Kuhn (Class of 2021)
Mattie Crabtree (Class of 2020)
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