Political Annoyance

Political Annoyance

Burke Barnett

Political ads, just like the plethora of Christmas decorations at stores, ring out with a specific call and we all know what time it is once we start seeing them. These campaigns can spend around $1,000 on the low end or upwards of $30,000 on just ads!

Wowza that’s a lotta dough, but that’s not even mentioning the cost to run the 30 second ads on T.V. The real question is, are they worth it? Could the campaign’s money be better spent somewhere else?  For ads to even work, they need people to be watching them because without watching how else will people be persuaded?

Local resident, Melissa Barnett, quite a shady character, gave a straightforward answer “I just began to tune them out I can’t follow them anymore.” So with not many watching what do they accomplish? You can’t persuade if no one is listening but yet there are constant political ads 24/7.

But what about the more persuasive youth? Are they any more attentive to the ads? Short answer is no, but long answer is given by local youth Cael Sinclair, 10, “I think the political ads are annoying and interrupt my ad choices of what I prefer. I tune them out and wait till I can skip ad.” So in the end, are they worth the cost? Well, the campaigns certainly think so, but the wide survey with two people definitely shows not. So who knows, maybe there’s a third person out there watching all the ads, but that person is still unknow.

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