The Second Amendment, written verbatim in a Government textbook. People use these lines as a way to avoid hard discussions about things that they enjoy, and that's a problem (photo credit T. Dent).

Shots Fired

Taylor Dent, Stampede Editor in Chief
April 16, 2021
I, Madison Sutton, 12, am pictured with Mariah Hess, 12, and Meredith Todd, 12. This picture shows the importance of embracing good seasons with those around you and supporting the people supporting you (Photo submitted by M. Sutton).

Stay in the Game

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer
April 16, 2021
The shirt I am wearing technically goes against the dress code, but there is nothing inherently “inappropriate” about it (photo by L. Haney).

The Dress Code Dilemma

Lily Haney, Staff Writer
April 9, 2021
Me daydreaming about being done with senior year. It’s really easy to get distracted these days (photo by H.Smith).

Taking on the Grind

Hannah Smith, Copy Editor
April 2, 2021
The Class of 2021 is getting more burnt out by the day, and I think that we're all counting down the minutes until graduation. But the thing is...that's totally okay (photo credit G. Roberts).

Just a Little Bit Longer

Taylor Dent, Stampede Editor in Chief
March 26, 2021
The controversy over the federal minimum wage has brought forth a discussion. Most introductory positions are paid minimum wage, which for a recent college graduate isn’t a livable wage (photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

The Real Truth About Minimum Wage

Zack Knust, Staff Writer
March 26, 2021
The Maroon Bells in Colorado are just one of the many beautiful places people can visit for a vacation while ensuring their safety (and the safety of others). Even though more and more people are getting vaccinated every day, it is important to remember that we are not back to normal just yet (photo by L. Kuhn).

Staying Safe and Having Fun

Taylor Dent, Stampede Editor in Chief
March 12, 2021
Sept. 24 allowed great weather for a meet. Cross country is hard work, but finishing the race makes it all worth it (photo by R. White).

The Life of a Student Athlete

Lily Haney, Staff Writer
March 12, 2021
I dance to “Unpack Your Adjectives” during the school matinee of SchoolHouse Rock: Live alongside Zachary Bradshaw, 11, Daley Browning, 10, and Isabella Infante, 12. Being on stage allows me to act as flamboyant as I want to without the fear of what people think. I loved my outfit for the show, but I could never wear platform heels and bell bottoms around school. However, I had no fear doing it for the musical (Photo by I. Williams).

Asinine Assumptions

Remi White, Bronco Design Editor
March 3, 2021
Making decisions about life after high school can be scary. But it's important to remember that you don't have to know the plan for the rest of your life when you're 15 (photo submitted by L. Kuhn).


Annabelle Davis, Staff Writer
February 24, 2021
American flags are lined up to symbolize the unity the country needs (photo courtesy of NPR).

Uniting the States of America

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer
February 10, 2021
After getting the COVID-19 vaccine, recipients receive a congratulatory sticker. A popular spot to flaunt the sticker is on the back of a phone case (photo credit M. Putnam).

Vaccine Victory

Mallory Putnam, Staff Writer
February 4, 2021
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