9/11; I wasn’t even born


The 9/11 memorial in New York City. It sits at the site of the old world trade center. (Photo by CCO)

When I think about 9/11 I think of the pain of the people losing their loved ones. The pointlessness of their deaths. Having to die from a group of terrible people trying to force their cause on others. However, even though I think and feel all of this, I don’t truly feel the full impact of the painful emotions because I did not live through it, and I do not know anybody who was directly affected. It’s just another sad event in history for me. Especially now with violence being an everyday occurrence it seems like there is always a new shooting in the news, or all the death and violence that is in U.S.’s history in general. It seems like another tragedy among many to me. 

Additionally, I also have been to the 9/11 memorial in New York. I remember being there and seeing a group of tourists taking photos with it. I didn’t really understand why they would do that. Why would you want a photo with a place where thousands of people died? I understand can see why you want a photo of it, it is a very beautiful memorial, but to photograph yourself with it seems unnecessary  unneeded. Also, while I was visiting it, it made me learn more about the memorial itself. I found out that more than 700 million dollars was spent on making it and. It also costs about 60 million dollars a year to operate. Although,  I think there should definitely be a memorial for this horrible tragedy, I feel that that is too high of a cost for it. This money should be used for actually helping people than just used for operating a memorial. However, 9/11 is definitely a tragedy that should be remembered and memorialized, but it is one of so many and shouldn’t have so much money spent on it.