SADD Spreads the Word About Staying Drug Free, during Red Ribbon Week


In Renee Stallbaumer, SADD Sponsor, room Jordan Haworth, 11, and Brenna Gillihan, 11 are listening to Alec Hitchens, 12, about the upcoming year for SADD. The Red Ribbon Week plans were briefly brought up in this meeting (Photo by I. Williams).

Red Ribbon Week, hosted by SADD, started from Tuesday Oct. 23 runs through Thursday Oct 31.

“Red Ribbon Week is really an honor of an FBI agent that was killed in the line of duty. It was a way that his family could honor Him. It’s a week set aside to encourage students to be drug free, and really just kind of make good decisions,” Renee Stallbaumer, SADD Sponsor, said.

Red Ribbon Week is a little longer than a week, but there are different themes set aside for each day to help honor and celebrate the FBI agent.

“This year’s theme is send the message, stay drug free. So again, that’s kind of just set out by The National Family Partnership. And then we kind of just went pretty low key as far as our stuff during advisory, each class will go through an activity with their advisory teacher. So they have an opportunity to talk about the history like why it’s created. And also then to talk a little bit about some different videos and things that encourage people to stay drug free, or you know, kind of other things, just the general history of about it,” Stallbaumer, said.

Red Ribbon Week is an important week for SADD as it promotes staying safe, drug free and making good decisions in students life.

“So we’re going to introduce how safe is going to be important as well. With part of that, you know, sending the message in staying safe, not only drug free but also wearing our seatbelts and being good in our cars. And then we’re finishing out Red Room week on Halloween. Just you know, kind of thanking everybody for enjoying ever being a part of it and we’re handing out like Halloween lollipops,” Stallbaumer Said.

On Tuesday Oct. 29, make sure to sign pledge cards during Bronco Hour for a chance to win 20 dollars.