Senior Night Split


On Oct. 4 in the Bronco’s home game against Desoto the Coaches give inspirational speech to the offensive team. They meet every time the teams switch (AMarney).

Alivia Bates, Staff Writer

Despite the growth Spring Hill has had recently it has still managed to retain the small town feel. Part of this is due to their traditions. One tradition for Spring Hill is senior night. The seniors walk out in front of the crowd while they are cheered on and what they have accomplished throughout highschool is read off. 

Senior nights are a tradition some students look forward to their whole athletic high school career. 

“It’s my last year cheering after four years, I was so excited to feel important,” Makayla Klutts, 12, said. “I have been waiting for years. You know that feeling when all your emotions come flooding in? That’s what it felt like walking in front of everyone with my parents.” 

This year there has been four senior nights for Fall activities. 

“In the past we did football and the band on the same night,” Chantel Volkman, activities secretary administrative assistant, said. 

This year due to a large number of students and a small span of time, the staff decided it would be most reasonable to separate band and football, the two most populated activities.  

“Volleyball is with cross country and tennis, soccer was by themselves, and then band had color guard and golf with them, and football actually had cheer with them.” Volkman said. 

In past years the band and football have been honored on the same night but last year, there nearly wasn’t enough time to get to all the seniors. To fix this they split the activities.

As the district grows, the number of senior nights is expected to grow as well. 

Most students would describe Spring Hill as a small town and there has been some concern that the split takes away from that feeling. But many students don’t feel the separation of the activities caused less of the small town feel. 

“A lot of people came to both senior nights. I feel like it was more of a small town come together for two senior nights,” Alec Hitchens, 12, said. 

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