Advantages of the New Student Section


On September 11, the Bronco student section is still cheering on the football team during these hard times (photo by A. Shetlar).

There is a new normal in our world that has affected everything around us. Barely anything is the same anymore, and we cannot even go to school. This has affected sports as well.
For football games, each player gets four tickets that they can give to anyone they want. It makes the crowd a lot smaller, and safer as there is more room to social distance. There are very few students, with new rules stipulating that no more than 80 students may be in the student section at any (home) game. A form goes out to the seniors first, and then to the rest of the students to sign up to go to the game. Having a small group of students makes games more enjoyable. It isn’t the same without students at a game cheering on the Broncos.
“Having a student section always gives you a little more drive because you have more people to play for,” Dylan Lazenby, 11, said.
While it is very different, there are benefits to having a smaller student section. It is easier to get everyone to cheer because there are less people. With people being not as close as usual, there is less talking and more focus on the game. More than likely, the kids who signed up to go to the game are the ones who are really there to cheer the team on.
“It was harder for people to socialize because the rows were spread out,” Taylor Ellet, 12. said.
Overall, having a small student section may be more beneficial. It makes people focus on the game better, and cheer louder for the Broncos.