You Can’t Please Everyone


Meredith Todd, 12, Ryann McDaniel, 11, and I sat together talking about life. I am really glad to have friends that I can be myself around (photo credit R. McDaniel).

High school is a time in your life where you want to please everyone. You go through middle school trying to make everyone think you’re funny, and you get nothing from it. When people aren’t your biggest fan, sometimes you get offended and try to change their mind; changing yourself in the process. The worst part of trying to please everyone is it can destroy your mental health. It can be mentally draining to go around and try to get everyone around you to like you. 

Don’t change who you are to make others around you happy. 

You are your own person, and you should focus on yourself. High school already comes with so many challenges that you wouldn’t want to add more stress. Someone who is constantly making you feel low about yourself probably shouldn’t be considered your friend. My biggest accomplishment over my three years so far in high school would be dropping the people who made me feel low. When I surrounded myself with rude/fake people, it took everything out of me. I know several of my “friends” would go talk about me behind my back, and then act like they love me to my face. They got nothing from talking about me. The more and more I heard about the comments people said about me, the more frustrated I got. As soon as I stopped associating myself with this group of people, I found myself. I was finally able to find a place in my life where I was happy. I found the real people who I can rely on for absolutely anything, and who like me for who I am. Take a step back, and find your real friends. Find a group of people who will let you forget about all the negative aspects of life.