L.A. Hospitals Forced to Turn Away Patients as COVID Cases Rise


At this California hospital, there is no space to take on more patients, leading those who need care like this man to receive oxygen and other life-saving resources outside the building. While this is a large issue in L.A., cities across the country are facing this problem (photo courtesy AP News).

L.A. County hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. Several church gyms are being transformed into hospital units to help accommodate the large number of patients. Several patients waited outside of emergency rooms for hours due to the lack of room. With this issue, paramedics have had to enforce very strict rules when it comes to patients they can and cannot accept. If the patient is coding, and paramedics cannot bring the patient back to life via CPR, the patient will not be transported to the hospital.

While L.A. is one of the biggest cities in the country, there are still many other large cities suffering from similar issues. There are several hospitals that are overflowing with patients right now, and as a whole it is important to be aware of the nationwide situation. While COVID patients are a major issue right now, there are still many other issues, and a big picture perspective is necessary.