Man Dies After Breaking Curfew in Philippines


A police officer from the A police officer in the Philippines inspects a citizen who is at a quarantine checkpoint (photo courtesy CNN).

Darren Manaog Peñaredondo, a man who lives in the Philippines, was leaving his house to get water for his family on April 1. Unfortunately, he was out past the country’s COVID curfew. He was stopped by the police, and they told him he needed to do “pumping exercises” as a punishment. They repeated the exercises three times, causing him to do around 300 squats total. He had come back home with little to no energy left from him. 

“He started to convulse on Saturday, but we were able to revive him at home. Then his body failed so we revived him again, but he was already comatose,” his family said. Peñaredondo died at 10 p.m. that night.

As the Philippines is the country with the highest number of COVID cases in Asia, they have limited freedoms amongst the citizens. The military and police officials jobs have increased due to the strict rules that are being added. This is just one of the measures implemented to encourage people to stay home as much as possible.