Containment of Cape Town Fires


A look over Cape Town as the wildfire approaches the city (photo curtesy AP).

In the slopes of Table Mountain, located in Cape Town, there were massive amounts of damage caused by a wildfire. Several firefighters worked all throughout the night, and were able to contain nearly 90% of the fires, but unfortunately some damage was done to nearby buildings. Several members of the South African army joined in to assist with the fires. The firefighters brought in their helicopters, and dropped large amounts of water.

Several neighborhoods within the area were evacuated as the firefighters tried to keep the flames away from the houses. In result, 11 buildings were demolished, and six firefighters were injured. Along with the firefighters, there were nine people who had issues breathing from the heavy smoke. The first building to be hit and destroyed was the University of Cape Town, and over 1,000 acres were destroyed.