Hurricane Ida Strikes New Orleans


Hurricane Ida strikes New Orleans, causing severe flooding (Photo Courtesy AP News).

Southern Louisiana has experienced a category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph. New Orleans is suffering from major flooding, loss of power, and severe damages. People are trying to escape from Louisiana to find a safe place, but there have been multiple travel bans including from the airport. The New Orleans airport has canceled all incoming and outcoming flights because of the loss of power and overflow of waters. There has been a documentation of 670 people trapped, and at least four deaths.

On top of Hurricane Ida, the southern hospitals are completely overflowing from the pandemic. This limits the amount of people who might need medical attention from the hurricane coming into the hospitals. Due to low vaccination rates in Louisiana, the ICU is completely full. At the beginning of the pandemic, the country was experiencing overflowing hospitals, but now it has become worse because of Ida.