A Rocking Review


On Nov. 3 the theatre department rehearsed for their upcoming musical. Ashlynn Lake,12, Olivia Lister, 12, Emme Trask, 12, Matalyn Chitwood, 11, and Alex Lopez, 10, were practicing for their roles in Act 1 (Photo by L. Haney).

Lily Haney, Bronco Design Editor

This year, the musical put on by the school was We Will Rock You. Galileo, the main character, hears lyrics from songs in his head. Old rockers, such as Britney Spears and Ozzy Osborn, hang around the Hard Rock Cafe and show Galileo important things relating to past rockers. With the help of Scaramouche and others, he discovers that he is supposed to keep rock and roll alive. However, the secret police, who answer to the Killer Queen, are trying to stop Galileo to end rock and roll for good. The story was interesting, fun, and even crowd-interactive at times. There were many hidden song references and other things relating to the time of Queen that led to the crowd laughing throughout the whole show. It was amazing.

The costuming was very simple, but straight to the point.  The gaga kids wore all white outfits with different colored accents, which was fun. The Killer Queen had a sequin jacket while her second in hand, Khashoggi, had a long black leather trench coat and dark sunglasses. These costumes were well throughout and added a lot to me.

The set was a lovely white balcony. This isn’t bad, but I couldn’t figure out what it had to do with the setting of the story. When in the Hard Rock Cafe, signs lowered from the ceiling. They all looked really cool, especially the guitar.

Many of the songs were popular songs from previous decades. The crowd recognized them, and it made it really fun to listen to. It was clear from the very start that this was a cast full of amazing singers. Brooklynne Hunt, 12, nailed her opening song which was “Somebody to Love”. It was beautiful. Another song they did was “We Will Rock You.” They got the crowd to interact with this one, which was fun, creative, and a nice contrast to the other songs. I loved it all, from the happy songs to the sad. To simply put it, there was not a bad song in this musical. There were, however, times when it was hard to hear what some people were singing. I’m not sure if this was because of the mics or if some people just weren’t projecting their voices enough, but it was a bit upsetting.

While the story was fun, it seemed to move a little slowly to me. I felt like there were times we could’ve moved on from what had happened, yet the storyline didn’t.

I would like to add that the director of the musical was gone for quite some time. Even though this happened, the students were able to step up and put on an amazing show.

Overall, the musical was funny, entertaining, and had an amazing cast. I would definitely recommend seeing this musical. I can’t wait to see what the theatre department has in store for the Spring play.