Bronco Life: Aug. 29-Sept. 16

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  • On Sept. 6, varsity soccer player Tyler Spiegelhalter, 12, stretches and listens to music before a game.

  • On Sept. 6, Anna Shay, 12, sets up for a practice swing.

  • On Sept. 12, Draven Pipkin, 12, gives water to JV football player Syler Stewart, 9.

  • On Sept. 8, Cole Gardner works on a project in Mr. Couchman’s literature of war class.

  • Ben Reber, 12, and Zach Means, 12, are working on the wheel in Mr. Reinking’s ceramics class. Ben is in ceramics 4 and Zach is in ceramics 3.

  • On Sept. 8, Mr. Couchman assists Jacob Delgadillo, 12, with his project.

  • On Sept. 2, Coach Woofter uses Jake Rainforth, 10, to demonstrate how to spot somebody doing a clean in fifth hour weights class.

  • On Sept. 8, Kellen Cole, 12, takes notes in Ms. Husa’s women in American history class in sixth hour.

  • On Aug. 30, Mr. Lundy is instructing his chemistry students about using sieves for the lab they are doing.

  • Material science student Logan Bates, 11, heats up sulfur in Mr. Lundy’s fourth hour class on Sept. 9 for his science experiment. (R. Dickie)

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