Bronco Life: Sept. 12-28

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  • On Sept. 23, Daley Browning, 12, Ava Best, 9, Ava Bates, 10, and Abigail Gholston, 11, perform partner stunts at the homecoming pep rally.

  • On Sept. 15, Abigail Gholston, 11, is making posters for the homecoming pep assembly during Bronco Assistance.

  • On Sept. 20, Avery Donahey, 10, Isabella Farris, 12, and Kaylynn Ottenschnieder, 11, make a chalk drawing promoting wrestling at the Chalk the Walk event.

  • On Sept. 28, FCA members gather at the flag poles for their annual See You at The Pole, praying over our world and our school.

  • On Sept. 20, band rehearses their marching show for their upcoming competition.

  • On Sept. 24, Thaddeus Rowan, 12, marches in the Fall Festival Parade in the percussion section.

  • On Sept. 14, Dihya Aggur, 10, serves a ball at a tennis meet.

  • On Sept. 14, the tennis C-team prepares to play in a tennis match.

  • On Sept. 12, coach Noah Anderton, 11, is showing Nevaeh Fulk, 11, how to run the play.

  • On Sept. 12, Jacob Brueckner, 12, and Ethan Bowman, 9, do a volley drill at soccer practice.

  • On Sept. 19, Lily Duran, 12, and Nathan Carlson, 12, mix ingredients in Leah Good’s Baking and Pastry sixth hour class.

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