Bronco Life: Sept. 16-Oct. 3

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  • On Sept. 16, the football team’s defensive lines prepare for Eudora’s offensive line to make their play.

  • On Sept. 16, football coach Alex Winkler talks to the varsity team before playing.

  • On Sept. 16, during the football game, the Eudora Cardinals on the cheer team cheers to the student section.

  • On Oct. 3, art fundamentals student Lacey Brotherman, 9, learned about measuring correctly while completing her art assignment.

  • On Oct. 3, Olivia Gaa, 12, plays the violin in Nusret Ozakinci’s orchestra class.

  • On Oct. 3, Warren Rogers, 12, works on an American amendments assignment in Alex Winkler’s American government class in fourth hour.

  • On Sept. 29, Noah Miller, 10, works on a math assignment during Bronco Assistance.

  • On Sept. 29, Aeva Alvarado, 12, practices frosting accuracy on a baking sheet in Leah Good’s baking class.

  • On Sept. 21, Madelyn Baxter, 12, works with a classmate on a math problem using a calculator in Karla DeCoster’s calculus class.

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