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‘Start off Strong’

    Students walk into the high school ready to start a new day of school. Similarly, students “walked” into the new year and a new academic semester. (Photo by K. Tran)

    As the year ends and the new year quickly follows, people may look to the new year as an opportunity to change a bad habit, become a better version of themselves, or start something new.

    “I usually spend more time with my family because they’re usually home for the holidays. I’m not sure what else. Sometimes I like to start a new hobby. Like I learned how to crochet animals this year. It’s fun,” Audrey Harris, 12, said.

    Instead of setting resolutions, some prefer to simply reflect.

    Crocheting is a new hobby Holmes picked up at the beginning of the year. One of their completed projects is a brown and tan bag. (Photo by C. Holmes)

    “If you don’t think about it ever, then you’ll never get better and be healthier and happier in life. So by setting these goals, you can reach them,” Addison Holmes, 9, said.

    A common reason why people avoid setting resolutions is because it can be difficult to keep track of them and stay consistent.

    “I find value in it. It works for some people, but I always forget. Like, “Oh, I wanted to do this,” and by the end of the year I am such a different person than I was at the beginning that I’m like, “I don’t really need to do that anymore,” Hailey Bergmann, 11, said.

    Starting off on the right foot can set a person in the right direction.

    “I like to start off [the year] with my family and I’m a Christian so I like to start off reading my Bible. That’s what I do; I hang out with my sister and my dad. Got to start off strong,” Bergmann said.

    On one hand, there are many different methods people utilize during the beginning of the year to set goals or plan their year. On the other hand, others may decide to focus on the new year overall. Finding the ideal method is dependent on the person and their personality.

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    Kathlyn Tran, Copy Editor
    Hi! This is my second year of SPUB and I’m excited to be on staff again. In my first year I’ve gained experience in writing, designing, and photographing. I hope to improve my skills in all of the things I listed previously. I think journalism, especially student journalism, informs people and gives them a voice. I’m excited to see how the yearbook will turnout this year and what I get to write about this year. Other than SPUB and school I enjoy reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family.

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