Chinese Officials Claim the U.S. is Not Helping With Virus


At a grocery store, in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei Province, shoppers wear face masks to protect themselves from the Cornavirus, on Jan. 22. As the virus has swept through the city of 11 million chinese officials say that the U.S.’ reaction hasn’t been helpful (Photo courtesy of AP Photo and Arek Rataj).

Oliva Leblanc, Staff Writer

Chinese officials are claiming that the U.S.’s reaction to the coronavirus virus is unhelpful while the virus cases have soared above 9,950. This outbreak has caused disencouragement of people flying to China. Chien Xu, ChineseSh ambassador to the UN, said that China is working with World Health Organizations to bring the disease under control. China is trying very hard to control and cure the outbreak.

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