California to Enforce Ban on Gasoline-Powered Vehicles


This picture of a Los Angeles freeway is something Governor Gavin Newsome is hoping to get rid of by 2035, with his newly-signed ban on gasoline vehicles (photo courtesy AP News).

Lily Haney, Staff Writer

The state of California is planning to ban gasoline-powered trucks and cars. They hope to get this done in 15 years, Governor Gavin Newsom announced. The plan is not to get rid of gas-powered cars right away, but to put a stop to production in the future.

The world is polluted and one main cause is vehicles that burn fossil fuels, like gas. The state of California is starting a way for everyone to get back on the right track. If the plan in California works, then it would put less pollution into the air, thus becoming better for the environment and the whole world.

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