Winter Sports Plans


On Feb. 19, the Boys Basketball team practiced in the gym. Practices will look vastly different from what these players are used to (photo credit A. Dickey).

Grace Bull, Staff Writer

Everything is looking different right now to keep everyone safe. The community will all be seeing changes with winter sports as well. There are many guidelines and new rules set in place to keep all of the students safe and to pursue winter sports. 

“The member schools of the Frontier League are working together to make the season safe for everyone,” Chantel Volkman, administrative assistant filling in for Gary Howard, athletic director, said. 

The high school offers basketball and wrestling for both boys and girls during the winter season. For the basketball team, everything is up in the air right now concerning game schedules, but the coaches’ biggest priority is keeping their students and athletes safe while still letting them participate in sports. 

“As we are trying to figure everything out, the state sent a long list of things to consider for this basketball season,” Clay Frigon, head girls basketball coach, said. 

Many people are wondering how practices are going to look, and although there’s not really an exact answer there are some ideas going around.

“One recommendation is that we separate the players as much as we can. Teams may be practicing separately to keep the amount of people to a minimum. We will be wearing masks at all times during practices unless we are playing five on-five, full court, then they are not required,” said Frigon.

Games for the athletes will look a little different with masks, but they do plan to have them. Tournaments are not recommended at the time so there is not a tournament scheduled as of right now.

“As we go along with the season I feel like there will be some problems that arise, but it’s looking like this season us as coaches and the athletes will just have to be flexible,” said Frigon.

There will be many changes to the wrestling season as well. Although there are no final decisions on how this year’s wrestling season will look, coaches have been going to meetings and brainstorming ideas. 

Tucker Woofter, head wrestling coach, said “As of right now there are no ways I can accurately answer all the questions everyone has asked, but I hope to know more soon.”

With no plans being set in stone, students are all going to have to be flexible with the school, coaches, and athletes. Everyone will be learning and doing things a different way, but this is winter sports as of right now.

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