Bronco’s Baseball Battle

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  • Matthew Scoma, 12, waits on home base to get the runner out (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Jamon Beck, 10, successfully receives the pitch and keeps an eye on the ball (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Zach Knowlton, 11, makes powerful contact with the ball and sprints towards the base (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Matthew Scoma, 12, winds up a fast ball in hopes of Eudora striking out (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Matthew Scoma, 12, releases a powerful pitch to Eudora’s team (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Seth Hays, 12, makes a fun for first base after hitting a fast ball (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Brandon Seeling, 12, waits for the next pitch since he didn’t try to hit the last one (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Cade Johnson, 10, takes a practice swing before getting ready for the real pitch (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Cooper Milroy, 11, steps up to plate and gets ready to bat (Photo by B. Shaffer).

  • Jamon Beck, 10, helps begin the game by taking a powerful swing (Photo by B. Shaffer).

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Olivia LeBlanc, Staff Writer