Softball Rumble

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  • Margaret McNally, 11, makes contact with the fast ball, sending it far into the outfield (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • The Varsity girls hustle onto the field and get ready to play (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Vanessa Murray,11, throws a scorcher of all ball to the batter (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Riahn Pinkerton, 11, successfully hit the ball, sending it high into the sky (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Vanessa Murray, 11, hits the ball with high accuracy and timing (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Julia Hess, 12, steps up to bat amidst the game against Bonner Springs (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Paityn Flood,12, gets in her stance, ready to strike the ball (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Gaige Pinkerton, 12, sets herself up the catch the ball after a missed swing (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Vanessa Murray,11, winds up the ball sending it hurling at the batter (Photo by A. Shetler).

  • Paityn Flood, 12, sends the ball flying into the air after a fast pitch (Photo by A. Shetler).

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Olivia LeBlanc, Staff Writer