Boys Take Wrestling Home

Zack Knust, Gallery Manager

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  • Draven Pipkin, #12, and Cole McDaniel, #9, getting ready for the home wrestling meet on Dec. 3. (Photo by Parker Fiess)

  • Cole McDaniel, 10, getting ready for the home wrestling meet on Dec. 3. (Photo by A. Shay)

  • Wrestling team watching their teammates compete. Senior wrestlers from last year came by to watch their old team compete.

  • A Spring Hill wrestler squaring up before a meet with a wrestler from Shawnee Heights on Dec. 3. (Photo by P. Fiess)

  • At Spring Hills duals on Friday afternoon against many teams Blue Valley High School was one school. Of the 138lb weight class Kelson McAllister, 11, pins the opposing wrestler. (Photo by V. Ferris)

  • Friday Afternoon coaches and fellow players watch matches with full attention. Coach Pipkin and Wrestler Nicholas Carr, 12, can be seen with their eyes glued to the mats. (Photo by V. Ferris)

  • On Friday Spring Hills Wrestling squad had duals against Topeka Seamans team. Wrestler Draven Pipkin, 11, weighing 195lbs had the Seaman wrestler locked in an uncomfortable position, leading Pipkin to win his match. (Photo by V. Ferris)

  • Noah Anderson, 10, weighing in at 151lb wrestling a wrestler from Topeak Seaman. The are at a stalemate trying to overpower one another. (Photo by V. Ferris)

  • Spring Hill v Topeka Seaman Wrestling Rayn Pahl, 10, dominating his match. He is overpowering his opponent eventually pinning him. (Photo by V. Ferris)

  • The coaches and players are watching a match going on against Olathe Northwest. (Photo by A. Cook)

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