Karen Bass, Los Angeles’ first Black female mayor

Kathlyn Tran, Staff Writer

U.S. representative, Karen Bass, became the first Black female mayor in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Nov. 16. She won the election with 53.1% of the votes and her opponent, Rick Caruso, accumulated 46.9% of the votes. Bass states that she decided to campaign to, “urgently confront the crises our hometown faces.” Additionally, Bass is supported by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Los Angeles is currently going through an immense homeless crisis, rising crime rates, and a declining trust in the government. Bass plans to make reforms in an attempt to improve some of the city’s problems. Her opponent, Rick Caruso, spent a reported 100 million dollars in campaign expenses. Bass, who had only had a fraction of that money, stated that “it’s not the power of the money, it’s the power of the people.” She is scheduled to settle into her newly appointed position sometime next month.