California Flooding Results in Missing Child


Water fills the streets of California after the severe storms (photo link in article).

Addie Bond, Staff Writer

On Monday Jan. 9, Lindsy Doan and her son were on their way to school crossing the San Marcos Road, when water flowing over the creek was deeper than normal. The creek was higher and had a stronger stream because of rain from severe winter storms in California. The Chevy Traverse was taken by the water and pinned up against a large tree. As the car began flooding, they decided to abandon it. Her five-year-old son, Kyle, told his mom to “just be calm,” before slipping out of his mother’s hands when they were in the water. He was carried into the California central coast. Kyle was listed as missing and the National Guard, dive teams, and over 100 people have been searching since Monday. So far, they have only found one of his Nike shoes.

These storms in California have killed more than 18 people since the end of 2022. This has been mostly from driving on flooded roads or falling trees. On Monday, there were no closures on the San Marcos Road and it didn’t look any different to Doan.


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