Fueling the Flame

Fueling the Flame

Faye Dent, Staff Writer

Kanye West, or “Ye”, has been banned from the social media platform, Twitter, twice now. The reason for this is his extensive use of hate speech toward Jewish people. He posted a Swastika, a notoriously known Nazi symbol, inside the Star of David, the symbol that recognizes Judaism and Jewish identity. Oct. 3, he posted this: “…When I wake up, I’m going death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE”. On InfoWars, a talk show which undoubtedly represents white supremacy, he openly said, “Stop dissing the Nazi’s”. He also exalted Adolf Hitler; this means he approves of Hitler’s actions and hate crimes. 

However, there are still people who support Kanye, even publicly. They still listen to his music, like his preexisting Tweets, and buy “Ye” merch. I understand not wanting to stop listening to someone’s music simply because you enjoy their music, yet I don’t personally find his music particularly enjoyable or enticing. But when you do support an artist, even just by hitting play on a streaming service, you are supporting these artists’ beliefs. Fueling their fire, so to speak. 

Listening to these artists boosts them, so even if you despise his posts, listening to his music shuffles you in with his supporters. You don’t necessarily have to stream his music to listen to him; buying a CD, or other non-streaming music, gives him one royalty when you buy it. Streaming his music, however, condones his behavior to an extent where he gets royalties each time someone streams his music. 

At this point, Ye’s supporters have created a prejudiced cult against those who do not listen to his music or do not press a thumbs-up button on his Twitter posts. Adidas, a multi-million dollar company, even removed their partnership with Ye after his Swastika post went live. Gap and FootLocker said they would remove his Yeezy brand from their stores. 

There have been “Ye merch drops” where his name had been embedded on the back of shirts and sweatshirts in the shape of a Swastika. On Pinterest, one of Ye’s faithful supporters advertised their new clothing brand labeled “Kanye West Swastika Merch”.

However, there has been no word from Ye if he was involved with the “Ye 24” Swastika Campaign Merch. Kanye has angered many people around  the country with his blatant hate speech and, in my opinion, evident stupidity. 

Personally, I do not understand how someone could support a person who has made his hatred known for many communities, some of which are separate from the Jewish community. But that’s just me; I don’t particularly enjoy supporting hateful people, it’s not a hobby of mine.

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