New Rules for MLB


Brynna Pierson, Staff Writer

Major League Baseball is estimated to last 3 hours or more. The organization wanted to change some of the rules so that the game can have time shaved off. This year’s spring training is giving players and fans a new look at how baseball will be played and gives the MLB organization feedback. Not many rules have changed but some of the major ones are larger bases and a clocked time for when the pitcher needs to pitch.

These rules won’t change much, but they hope it will ensure player safety and allow that time to be cut. Many fans have been giving feedback throughout spring training and they have been very mixed. Some fans don’t see a problem with getting out earlier and don’t even notice the different base size. Although, there have been some negative reviews about the pitch clock since it makes the game feel rushed. But many see this change as irrelevant and unnoticed.

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