“Stupidly” Slap Fighting

(photo link in story)

(photo link in story)

Faye Dent, Staff Writer

Recently a new sport has emerged: slap fighting. UFC President, Dana White, is broadcasting slap fighting as the next big thing in combat sports. The Nevada Athletic Commission has sanctioned the league for competitions in Las Vegas. Some slap fight beatdowns have even gone viral. A video in Europe showed a man who continuously competes even with his face swells to half in size.

There have been some health concerns for slap fighting. Some of which include the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). That’s a degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by repetitive blows to the head. Chris Nowinski, co-founder and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, called slap fighting “one of the stupidest things you could do.”


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