‘The Phantom of the Opera’s’ Final Show

(Photo link in story)

(Photo link in story)

Brynna Pierson, Staff Writer

Phantom of the Opera saw its last showing on Broadway Sunday. It was their 13,981 show and had been running for 35 years, making it the longest running Broadway show. During the musical, the current cast was not only shown, many older performers came on and even the original star, Sarah Brightman, was seen performing for the final show.

After the finale of Phantom of the Opera, the director, Andrew Lloyd Webber, made an appearance. He dedicated the final show to his son who died only a month earlier due to cancer. Many were wondering if the show would ever make an appearance again. Producer Cameron Mackintosh replied, “The one question I keep getting asked again and again — will the Phantom return? Having been a producer for over 55 years, I’ve seen all the great musicals return, and ‘Phantom’ is one of the greatest. So it’s only a matter of time.”


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