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The TA within TeAchers

Senior, Caden Bartek, is a TA for Anna Manning and does his homework in his down time. This is a plus when deciding to be a teacher’s aide (K. Tran).

Juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to be a teacher’s aide. These TA’s spend time in various classes, but not in the same way as the students in that class do. 

“I have been a TA for Lundy in my junior year and that consists of cleaning up labs or printing things. This year I am a TA for Smitheran and I’ve picked up a few packages from the office, but other than that it’s a time for me to do homework,” Anna Laplante, 12, said. 

Not only can students TA for academic courses, but other areas around the high school. Such as, the library, office, and gym classes are available.

“TA’s help a teacher out. Whenever they are gone, or if they have a bigger class, their TA can help run the class or put materials up. For me, being a TA during sports or PE classes, I can help set up games or with attendance,” Haylee Whitcraft, 12, said.

Haylee Whitcraft, 12, and Elizabeth Delgado, gym teacher, have created a strong bond over time. Being a TA can form positive relationships between the student and teacher (K. Tran).

There are benefits to becoming a teacher’s aide, and each student might have a different reason why they decided to be a TA.

“I think a student decides to TA because it is kind of like a free period. It is a good break and reset around your schedule, especially if you have hard classes and if you have homework you can do that during that class,” Whitcraft said. 

Students are able to request a teacher to TA for, and there are factors that weigh into who students may pick. Many decide to choose a teacher they are comfortable with, while others choose a teacher in a subject they enjoy.

“I picked my advisory teacher to TA for. During his Algebra 1 class, I get to learn things and I get to get closer with the teacher too. I think [being a TA] is actually pretty fun,” Audrina Amaro, 11, said.

The option of being a teacher’s aide is popular within the high school and gives teachers an extra set of hands that they may need.


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