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Zachary Vasser, 11, Alex Kaljuma, a graduate of Spring hill, and Ethan Knust, 12, all join together to sing the Alma Mater (Photo by M. Marmon).

During Ethan Knust’s childhood, they were involved in sports, and never even dreamt about trying out something relating to the arts. 

“I didn’t do arts as a kid, I started doing arts in sixth grade. I took the class and I jokingly auditioned for the Select Choir, but then got into Select Choir in middle school and it made it more fun,” Ethan Knust, 12, said.

Knust, ever since middle school, has found their true passion to be more involved in the arts rather than sports. 

“I had to make the decision of music or sports in middle school, but I kept with

Ethan Knust,12, performs a solo at a state competition. (Photo provided by E. Knust).

music,” Knust said. “I played baseball in elementary school, but then I dropped it because I knew I was going to have to do a lot of extracurricular things with choir outside of school.”

When someone has to make the decision or something forces them to step off the beaten path, the momentum can lead to finding more about one’s self through trying new things. 

“When I got introduced to music, I was forced into it by the school. It was all my own journey. Without my parents, I would’ve still been forced into choir. I still would’ve jokingly auditioned for the Select Choir. I still would be this level of musically advanced had I not been without any other additional forces,” Knust said. 

Knust’s journey has allowed them to find something that defines who they are as a person today and has led them to find like minded people.

Their musical journey has led them all the way to their senior year of high school and Knust hopes to further continue their involvement in the arts throughout the rest of their life.

“Sophomore year Madrigals was fantastic. I miss all those lovely people, but I am kind of them now for the new sophomores- I’m the senior now.”

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