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Prepping Promo Posts

Halana Charity, 10, and Faye Dent, 12, look at the “Almost Game Day” Instagram account. This post was the most recent from the account (Photo illustrated by H. Mueller).

With social media usage being at its height recently, especially apps such as: Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat, using these apps to promote clubs and activities has been extremely popular.

“For the theater [accounts], I post about shows, promote them, and the theater department. For colorguard, I’ll post our routines, shout outs for people on their birthdays, [and] meet-the-team stuff,” Kaitlyn Ramey, 12, said. 

Paige Husa, head girls basketball coach, runs the main girls basketball Instagram account, and allows a player to run an “Almost Game Day” Instagram account, which consists of funny pictures of teammates in order to promote students to attend games.

“[The account is] cool because it’s a way for them to promote our team [while also] showing their personalities. They enjoy posting for that and I post the

Ava Rushing, social media manager for SPUB, 11, compares the Instagram post ideas on a spreadsheet to the official SPUB Instagram account. Follow the SPUB Instagram account @springhill_spub (Photo illustrated by H. Mueller).

more formal stuff for sure,” Husa said. 

Although running the accounts can be fun, there are some ups and downs with everything. 

“Sometimes it can be really difficult to get content because it’s constantly go go go, especially in theater. We have, like, five minute breaks and it’s really difficult to get a whole Tiktok done in that time. 

STUCO has several Instagram accounts to keep the school in the loop; these include separate accounts for each class, separate and private accounts for each class, an overall STUCO account, and a Hype Squad account. 

“I do the public “Class of 2025” Instagram and every once in a while I’ll make posts for the Hype Squad Instagram. When I was elected as junior class co-president, me and Brynna, [Pierson,12] talked about who would run each account and what information would be posted,” Madison Veal, 2025 Co-President, 11, said. “We repost spirit days, [we post the schedules] when they change for finals, and we also post cool events that are coming up.”

To stay in the know, informed, and to support the hard work that social media managers put into the accounts, follow the social media accounts that are affiliated and non affiliated with the school. 


shhsbroncostuco (Instagram)

shhshypesquad (Instagram)

shhsbroncotheatre (Instagram)

shhsbroncosgbb (Instagram)

almostgamedayladybroncos (Instagram)

springhillcolorgaurd (Instagram)

springhill_spub (Instagram)

shhsteatre (Tiktok)

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