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Before the Curtain Closes

Wycoff rehearses for their role in the rep theater show. They ran through lines during class for preparation (Photo by H. Evans).

Macbeth, a Shakespearean play, was announced to be the theater department’s spring show with Aidan Wycoff, 12, casted as the lead. The premise behind the show is Macbeth’s journey to Scottish royalty. 

“[Macbeth] hears this prophecy, and a part of that becomes true. So, he tries to fulfill the prophecy which says he will become king. To do this he starts killing people who are in his way,” Wycoff said. “I’m most excited about being able to portray this character’s downfall and have him slowly have this descent towards madness.”

The role itself is something they are not as familiar with having mainly played comedic characters in the past. 

“[Macbeth] is different in a sense that it’s a drama, which I haven’t done a whole lot of dramas. Everything is being played seriously which is something I’m not entirely used to,” Wycoff said. “The intensity of the character and the emotions that he goes through and the journey that he goes on throughout the story [is something I’m unfamiliar with].” 

Behind every character Wycoff has played, they have to analyze the part, being sure they capture the correct emotions and intentions when delivering lines. 

“The first step is that I have to know what I’m saying, which is something I spent a lot of time working on. Looking up translations of lines in modern English; it really is just like poetry at the end of the day. Putting emotion and motivation behind those lines.” 

To support the theater department and see Wycoff perform, admission can be purchased at the door. Opening night of Macbeth will be April 4th, and will be played through the 6th, with more details to come. Check out the Spring Hill Theater Instagram for more details closer to show week.

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