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The Final Stretch

The Senior Class of 2024 cheers on the Boys Basketball Team during the balloon popping competition at the Winter Homecoming Pep Rally. This would be the last Homecoming Pep Rally seniors will attend (Photo by M. Pharathikoune).

The class of 2024 will graduate May 18.  Each student has their own plans for the future, ranging from farming to working with modern technology. Some futures require more obstacles than others, and each person will find different ways to overcome them. 

“There’s a lot of struggles to find internships and good entry level jobs, also just being able to adapt to what the job market wants because there’s a lot of qualifications that a lot of people who want to hire IT professionals look for, so trying to grab a lot of certificates that cost a lot of money and time and trying to stand out in the job fields,” Reese Brittain, 12, said.

Some seniors are excited to graduate and move into the future as their life progresses on,

“I’ve had a good experience here at Spring Hill High school, but I’m excited to move on and see a new chapter of my life, just go out and experience things, and meet some really cool people in the agriculture industry,” Dylan Ruger, 12, said.

However, thinking about the future does still have its worries and concerns that seniors will have to face such as living expenses, college, and their careers. 

“Having to do bills and taxes and getting and paying for your own car, stuff like that, isn’t the best. Thinking about moving out or renting, that’s not a fun thing either,” Alyssa Voth, 12, said. 

Some students gained interest in what they wanted to do after high school either through what their family has done or a passion they found all on their own.

“I’ve always had an interest in art, and I’ve just been searching around to see if there’s any colleges related to art in Kansas,” Emelie Tovar, 12, said.

Seniors have spent a lot of time thinking and planning out their future and have learned what works best for each of them.  

“Keep your options open. You don’t have to go to a four year university. There’s a lot of opportunity just in trade schools and not going to college. I think it’s important that we don’t just go into the mold and that we do something we enjoy,” Ruger said.

Some seniors have been planning and selecting specific courses in order to gain more experience in what they want to achieve as their final goal in life. 

“I do feel like everything that I’ve done is worth it because it will just pay out in the end,” Tovar said.

Seniors who are going to college are ready to be met with new opportunities and options that’ll help them in their future.

“I’m very excited to go to college. After graduation, I can join a bunch of clubs and meet a lot of new people,” Brittain said.

Each student has their own pathway and plans for the future that they’ll be taking on as they find their way into the adult world.

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