What If: You Could Keep Your Mac?


As Spring Hill High School students, you use Macbooks for seven years, so what if you could purchase them for yourself? Just before you graduate, you would send in a payment to buy your Macbook from the school. Then, seniors would be able to take them to college for note taking and research. Of course, this would be optional because not everyone could afford, or might not want, their Macbook. Out of 141 people surveyed, 73 percent say they would buy their Macbook for post-high school use. Having a Macbook provides platforms for notes, storage, research, online college courses, projects, and keeps you from carrying around tons of books and notebooks. Taylor Dent, 9, said she would buy her Macbook because of how valuable they are for school. Plus going to college would be important for work.

Noah Kuker, 9, said “I would buy my own Macbook because it makes work so much easier, as well as communication with teachers and peers. It’s also, of course a great entertainment tool. I’m planning on getting my own right after my freshman year, just because I think they’re fun and great!”

Even though a Macbook would be helpful for college their are some downsides. The price of these Macbooks would be really expensive, plus they don’t have a lot of memory so you would have to save most things to the cloud.

Lindsay Hoffman,9,  said “I would not like to keep my Macbook because by the time I graduate it will be out of date. Our computers are already 4 years old and by the time I graduate they could be 8. I also may choose to get a different brand of computer for college. From the school’s perspective, a student keeping their computer will cause them to buy more. And that is more money spent on computers when they could be using it on more important things.”

The school Macbooks are a great tool and would be an important for college but it wouldn’t be right for everyone. Some people like the idea and others find it bad but most can agree having a laptop for college would be smart.