Ashdon Kice
Hi, my name is Ashdon Kice. I joined SPUB because I like to write and investigate interesting stories.  I was in the publications class in eighth grade which made the middle school yearbook which then got me interested in continuing. I like photography but I am not amazing at it. I enjoy the ‘behind the scene’ feel. I enjoy writing fiction, reading, watching shows and movies, and listening to good music. I like many kinds of music which is a reason I am in band.  Outside of school I have a martial arts class which is what most of my Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings are filled with. At home I am an only child and live with my Mom and Dad. My favorite color is constantly changing but is primarily dark navy blue. I enjoy watching movies like Now You See Me, Real Steel,and most comic book based movies with action and science fiction. TV shows I like include White Color (on netflix), Lethal Weapon (no I haven't seen the movies), Stargate Atlantis, and other action/science fiction/crime shows.

Ashdon Kice, Photo Manager

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Ashdon Kice